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Pairing AirFly SE with AirPods

Pairing AirFly PRO with AirPods in TX Mode

Pairing AirFly PRO with AirPods in RX Mode

Pairing AirFly Duo with second set of headsets/earbuds

Once the first set is paired, try plugging in the AirFly into a 3.5 mm headphone jack, and start playing audio. Then try pairing the second pair of headphones. Then you will see the light flash amber and white which indicates AirFly is ready to pair

AirFly SE Bose Quickstart Guide

AirFly Pro Bose Quickstart Guide

Pairing AirFly with Samsung earbuds

Samsung instructions to pair the earbuds.

AirFly Not Transmitting Audio

When the AirFly doesn't appear to transmit audio, it is often because the AirPods are already connected to another device. So the first thing I would suggest is that you reset the AirFly Pro. To do this, hold the little Reset button on the top-right

Resetting AirFly

Reset AirFly SE. Turn the AirFly on and press and hold the reset button on the side for 5-10 seconds.  You’ll know it’s been successfully reset when the AirFly begins blinking white and amber (pairing mode). Reset the AirFly Duo. Turn the AirFly on a

Audio in one side only

When this happens, it’s usually a matter of one of the AirPods not being charged, or the AirPods not being synched, or the second AirPod taking just a second or two longer to pair than the first one. The first thing to do in this situation is to chec

AirFly for Telephony

AirFly transmits audio wirelessly from any 3.5mm headphone jack to your favorite wireless headphones or AirPods. AirFly, however, does not receive audio, so it cannot be used in any function that would require sending audio back to the 3.5mm-connecte

AirFly with Hearing Aids

Since AirFly wasn't designed for use specifically with hearing aids, we have not tested it ourselves. However, what we can tell you is that AirFly is a transmitter that provides a Bluetooth signal for a non-Bluetooth source. So as long as the source

AirFly Latency

Latency is never zero with Bluetooth, but it shouldn’t be an issue with the AirFly Pro. The latency for this device is generally 30 milliseconds or so, which should not be discernable while watching a movie or listening to music. However, if the 3.5m

Controlling Volume with AirFly

To control the volume on the AirFly SE, press the Volume Buttons up or down. To MUTE AirFly SE, double-click the Volume Down button. The light will blink amber continuously to let you know the Volume is muted. Double-click Volume Down again to unmute

What Audio Codecs/Formats are supported?

AptX Low Latency (AptX-LL), aptX and SBC are supported.

What do the various lights on the AirFly mean?

Flashes white twice – AirFly has been powered on. Flashing white and amber – AirFly is in pairing mode and waiting for the headphones to pair up with it. Flashing white twice every 5 seconds - The AirFly is in Unconnected stand-by mode. This means Ai

What is the Maximum Audio Range on the AirFly?

AirFly uses Bluetooth 5.0 or higher, so the range is up to 10 meters (33 feet). Please note, however, that the range depends on a number of outside factors, including the sensitivity of the receiver or physical obstacles in the transmission path.

Will I need an adapter if the airplane has two-prong (or three-prong) audio jacks?

If the airplane you're on has two-prong audio jacks, we recommend an "airline flight adapter" for use with your AirFly (available here). This adapter has two prongs that plug into the airplane’s in-flight entertainment system and a jack for headphone

My AirFly is paired but it’s not transmitting audio. How do I fix this?

When the AirFly doesn't appear to transmit audio, it is often because the headphones are already connected to another device. To resolve this, turn off Bluetooth on all nearby devices to which the headphones have been paired, including your phone. If