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AirFly with Hearing AidsUpdated 10 months ago

Since AirFly wasn't designed for use specifically with hearing aids, we have not tested it ourselves. However, what we can tell you is that AirFly is a transmitter that provides a Bluetooth signal for a non-Bluetooth source. So as long as the source (i.e., a television, treadmill, or in-flight entertainment system) has a standard 3.5mm audio jack and the hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled, AirFly should work unless the hearing aids require some kind of app to pair them up. If an app is required to pair, it won't work.

Note that we have heard from customers that, per Oticon, the AirFly will not work with Oticon brand hearing aids.  According to Oticon, the AirFly “will not pair directly to the aids as the aids use Low Energy Bluetooth (BLE) to help conserve the battery and the AirFly uses regular Bluetooth, so they do not speak directly to each other.”

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