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What do the various lights on the AirFly mean?Updated 10 months ago

Flashes white twice – AirFly has been powered on. 

Flashing white and amber – AirFly is in pairing mode and waiting for the headphones to pair up with it. 

Flashing white twice every 5 seconds - The AirFly is in Unconnected stand-by mode. This means AirFly is paired with headphones, but the headphones are not active, turned on, or in the case of AirPods, they're not in your ears. Once you put the AirPods in your ears, the light should turn solid white, then turn off. 

Solid white - This means the AirFly is paired and connected to the headphones.  This solid white light will turn off a few seconds after connecting to the headphones. 

Amber light flashes 3 times, then turns off – Low battery

Solid amber – AirFly is charging. When the amber light turns off – AirFly is fully charged (2 hours or less).

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