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Will I need an adapter if the airplane has two-prong (or three-prong) audio jacks?Updated 8 months ago

If the airplane you're on has two-prong audio jacks, we recommend an "airline flight adapter" for use with your AirFly (available here). This adapter has two prongs that plug into the airplane’s in-flight entertainment system and a jack for headphones into which you can plug the AirFly.   

On an airplane with a three-port jack, you can use a 2-pin adapter and ignore the third (smaller) prong.  The extra prong is used for special features such as noise cancellation on airline-supplied headphones but is not needed when using the AirFly with your Bluetooth headphones.

NOTE that the AirFly will work without an adapter in two-prong or three-prong audio jacks, but you will likely only get audio in one ear. For stereo, you'll need that second prong.

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