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StayGo Has No Power

To troubleshoot, first, reset StayGo by unplugging all cables from it for 10 seconds. Then attach it to your laptop and try testing just one device or cable at a time: try using just Ethernet, just reading an SD card, or just attaching a USB-A device

Quick Troubleshooting - StayGo

My StayGo stopped working. Why won’t my brand-new laptop work with StayGo?. Pass-through power is not working. Is it normal for my StayGo to be warm?

StayGo and Ventura 2K v 4K HDMI

At this time, MacOS Ventura does not support 4K output HDMI through hubs, including StayGo. We’re exploring a firmware update to work around this new issue but, in the meantime, if you’re able to connect your HDMI directly to your Mac or use Apple’s

StayGo FAQs

Does StayGo work with Windows, Mac, and Linux?. Can I disable the very bright blinking of the ethernet port?. Can I get Gigabit speeds from ethernet?. Can I use my StayGo with a laptop with only USB-A?. Do I need to plug into a charger to use the Sta