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StayGo FAQsUpdated 10 months ago

Does StayGo work with Windows, Mac, and Linux?

  • Yes, unless the manufacturer has disabled some functionality from their USB-C ports

Can I disable the very bright blinking of the ethernet port?

  • No

Can I get Gigabit speeds from ethernet? 

  • A lot of factors may reduce the speed, but in our internal testing, you can get 60-80% of gigabit.

Can I use my StayGo with a laptop with only USB-A? 

  • No, it needs to be a laptop with USB-C.

Do I need to plug into a charger to use the StayGo? 

  • No, the StayGo requires 15W and that is exactly how much power the USB-C port on your laptop can provide.  

Are StayGo and StayGo mini compatible with iPad Air 2022 or other iPads with USB-C or Thunderbolt connection?

  • Yes, StayGo and StayGo mini are compatible with all iPad models with a USB-C port.

Using an iPad, Is it possible to simultaneously a) connect an external monitor, b) connect a wired or wireless keyboard and mouse using USB-A, and c) power the iPad with USB-C power pass-through?

  • The StayGo and StayGo mini are compatible with all iPad models with USB-C connections. The StayGo mini uses 7.5W and the StayGo uses 15W of power. When using pass-through power make sure you use a power adapter that compensates for the 7.5W and 15W respectively. 

Can I charge my phone with the StayGo? 

  • Yes, the USB-A port next to the HDMI port has 7.5W going to it.

Are there minimum requirements for USB-C pass-through power?

  • The StayGo uses 15W of power, so when using pass-through power, make sure you use a charger that compensates for the 15W. 

Can I use the original power supply that came with my MacBook with StayGo pass-through power or will my MacBook be underpowered?

  • You can use the StayGo with pass-through power using the original power adapter that came with your MacBook.  StayGo only uses 15 watts (StayGo mini uses 7.5 watts), so you’ll still be able to power your MacBook.  Note that if you are doing some heavy-duty video editing that uses more of the processor, it may take a little longer to charge the MacBook.  In this case, you may want to purchase a power adapter that has an extra 15 watts to compensate for the power consumption of the StayGo.

Does the StayGo have to be hooked up to power? I’d like to just power it from my computer, and plug in the computer directly into the wall as needed, rather than powering the computer via the passthrough port of the StayGo.

  • Yes, the StayGo can be powered from your computer instead of via the passthrough port. However, this limits what it can drive.  So if, for example, you're wanting to power a backup hard drive, you might not have enough juice to do this, especially with the little 30-watt power adapter that came with your new MacBook Air M2.
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