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Quick Troubleshooting - StayGoUpdated 10 months ago

My StayGo stopped working.

  • Restart the laptop and reset StayGo (unplug all cables from it for 10 seconds)

Why won’t my brand-new laptop work with StayGo?

  • Update your MacOS (potentially wait a few months for Apple to hopefully fix the issue they created.)

Pass-through power is not working.

  • This is almost always a result of a MacOS update. Catalina had an update that broke it, Big Sur had an update that broke it and Monterey had 12.0.1 that broke pass-through power. So, in the last 3 MacOS updates that functionality has been broken for at least a month at a time.  (12.1 fixed it, but I think it came out after 6 weeks).

Is it normal for my StayGo to be warm? 

  • Yes, depending on the use, StayGo will get very hot. In fact, it can be too hot to touch for more than a few seconds and still be well within normal tolerances and function perfectly. The greater the demand that the connected peripherals place on the StayGo, the hotter it will get because the case was designed to dissipate heat.  As this is the case, we recommend customers be mindful when deciding where to place their StayGo and make sure to keep it away from where children or pets may come in contact with it.   
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