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Owner's Manual

Please click here to view and download the BookArc owner's manual.

Are BookArc inserts available separately from the stand?

The following replacement inserts are available for the current version of BookArc for MacBook : - Insert B for the 11/13-inch MacBook Air 2010-2017 & 13/15-inch MacBook Pro Retina 2012-2015 - View Insert B.  - Insert C for the 12-inch MacBook - View

Can I use a PC in BookArc?

Possibly. We don't test our products with devices other than the Apple devices for which they're designed. However, it's possible you may be able to use BookArc with a PC if it is not thicker than 0.71 inches. The inserts are designed for devices:I

Is there a front & back to BookArc? If so, how do I install the insert in the stand?

Yes, there is a front and back to BookArc. To ensure the very best fit with your MacBook, follow the Guide below to install a BookArc Insert in the proper direction:.

Can I use it if I have a shell on my MacBook?

Probably not. - Insert C can accommodate a thickness of 0.52-inch (13.2 mm). - Insert D can accommodate a thickness of 0.61-inch (15.6 mm). - Insert E can accommodate a thickness of 0.61-inch (15.6 mm). - Insert F can accommodate a thickness of 0.64-

I have an original BookArc. Are replacement inserts available?

No. Replacement inserts are only available for the newest version of BookArc. We have not made - nor will we be making - new inserts for the discontinued BookArcs including the original form factor of BookArc for MacBook, BookArc möd, or BookArc for