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Can I use a PC in BookArc?Updated a year ago

Possibly. We don't test our products with devices other than the Apple devices for which they're designed. However, it's possible you may be able to use BookArc with a PC if it is not thicker than 0.71 inches. The inserts are designed for devices:

Insert B - 0.71- inch / 18 mm
Insert C - 0.52-inch / 13.2 mm 
Insert D - 0.61-inch / 15.6 mm 

Insert E - 0.61-inch / 15.6 mm

Insert F - 0.64-inch / 16.2 mm

Insert G - 0.66-inch / 16.8 mm

Insert H - 0.61-inch / 15.6 mm

Insert I - 0.44-inch / 11.2 mm


PLEASE NOTE:  Mere millimeters in difference of thickness will either cause the laptop to not fit at all, or to lean in the stand.  Additionally, the inserts are designed to hug the curve of the edge of the MacBooks, so if your PC is very flat on the edge, it may not seat all the way down into the stand.

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