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PowerPic FAQsUpdated 10 months ago

1. Why does my PowerPic have a blue blinking light when I’m charging my iPhone?

According to our Owner's Manual, this may indicate that the charging pad is detecting a foreign object -

2. How long does a charge last?

PowerPic charges wireless charging-enabled phones at up to 10 watts. The individual speed of charge, charging time, and battery life depend on your individual device. Please reference the owner's manual for your phone for the most accurate information.

3. Almost all your images show it not being connected with a cord — does this mean it works like a power bank (and have to charge the PowerPic base periodically)?

PowerPic needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to charge your phone. It does not store power like an external power bank.

4. It's not been recognized when trying to charge off a laptop is there a piece of software to solve this?

PowerPic mod requires a 20W minimum charger. Laptops typically don't support that much power.

5. Can I use my PowerPic in landscape mode?

Yes, you can!

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