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PlugBug Duo

Where will PlugBug Duo work?

PlugBug World includes five international snap-on plugs designed to work in over 150 countries around the world including but not limited to the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Continental Europe, North America, and Japan. Please no

Does PlugBug Duo work with the MacBook extension cable?

Unfortunately, the newest PlugBug Duo will not work with the Apple extension cords that were previously shipped with your MacBook (current MacBooks do not ship with the extension cable). Due to updates in power regulations, our power-connecting pin i

Does each USB port provide 2.1A charging or is this the total power supplies?

PlugBug Duo is a 2.1A (12W) charger, so this is the total power it can provide. If only one device is being charged via USB, use the top port (labeled “2.1”) for the fastest charge of your device. If two devices are being charged simultaneously, the