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What should I do if package tracking says it was delivered but was not?Updated 9 months ago

In most cases, missing packages show up on their own within one to three business days. This can happen for a variety of reasons (e.g., the delivery driver prematurely marks the package as delivered, or an incorrect recipient brings it by or gives it back to FedEx for re-delivery).


We recommend checking:

- at the garage or any alternate doors to the residence

- between a door and a screen door

- behind, under, or on porch furniture or rugs

- your neighbor's house (if you know them)

- with other members of your household who might have picked the package up and put it somewhere but failed to tell you

- In the case of apartments, the package room and leasing office. 

If you explore all of these possibilities and still do not locate your package, please Contact Us and we'll start a trace investigation with the carrier.

After the trace investigation has been initiated, missing shipments are usually located and successfully delivered within one to three business days. If neither you nor the carrier are able to locate your package by then, we will reship your order via the original delivery method and pursue a claim with the carrier for the lost shipment. We apologize, but we are not able to reship your order until the trace investigation has been completed.

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