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How do I pay the VATs and duties on my purchase?Updated 9 months ago

Except for the UK, items being shipped outside the United States will be subject to customary import fees (including duties, VATs, tariffs, and brokerage fees) imposed by the country into which the product is being imported and the carrier (DHL or FedEx). Twelve South is not responsible for any import fees incurred by the importation of products into countries other than the United States. Twelve South has no control over these charges and cannot predict how much they may be.  

The customer is considered the importer of record and, as such, is responsible for paying the import fees and complying with all laws and regulations of the country into which the product is being delivered.  Import fees will be collected by the carrier (DHL or FedEx) at or near the time of delivery. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office for further information.  

Please note that customs offices in some countries require the importer (customer) to provide a CPF, Tax ID, or other Unique Identification number for the recipient. To ensure prompt delivery, this information can be added to the import documents by putting it in the "Company" line of the shipping address.

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