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HoverBar Duo FAQsUpdated a year ago

1. What is the difference between HoverBar Duo Gen 1 and the new Gen 2?

Both models share the same adjustable arm and iPad clip. The Gen 2 is available in a beautiful Matte White finish and features a new quick-release tab that makes it very quick & easy to switch between the HoverBar desktop base and shelf clamp. This makes it a truly dual-use iPad stand. Use it on your desk with the weighted base all day. Then snap it into the shelf clamp - already attached in the kitchen - to follow a recipe for dinner. The Gen 1 also has both stand options, but you typically decide which option you want initially, then install the desired base or clamp with an included Hex tool. It also costs $20 less. So, if you really just want one style of stand, Gen 1 is a great choice and will save you some cash.

2. How much does the stand weigh with the clamp and with the base?

The HoverBar Duo weighs 2.51 pounds when taken out of the box. Its weight increases to 3.55 pounds when still inside the box.

3. What is the maximum thickness that the clamp can accommodate?

Please see the specifications for the product are below:
iPad Clip Maximum Width: 220mm (8.68 inches)
iPad Clip Minimum Height: 127mm (5 inches)

Shelf Clamp Maximum Width: 34mm (1.4 inches)
Shelf Clamp Minimum Width: 10mm (0.4 inches)

Fully extended arm length: 15 inches

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