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Audio in one side onlyUpdated a year ago

When this happens, it’s usually a matter of one of the AirPods not being charged, or the AirPods not being synched, or the second AirPod taking just a second or two longer to pair than the first one. The first thing to do in this situation is to check the charge status on your iPhone or iPad to make sure that each AirPod is charged. 

If they’re both charged and synched, the next step is resetting the AirPods Pro and the AirFly Pro.

- For instructions on resetting the AirPods, please click here
- To reset the AirFly Pro, turn the AirFly on and hold down the button on the side for 4 seconds. Make sure the AirFly Pro is not connected to power, and make sure it’s in TX mode. You’ll know it’s been successfully reset when the AirFly Pro begins blinking white and amber (pairing mode).

Once you’ve reset your AirPods Pro and AirFly Pro, turn off the Bluetooth on any nearby devices and try re-pairing the AirPods to the AirFly. Please note that 1) AirPods have a strong propensity to pair with Apple products (iPhones or iPads), and 2) if the device they’ve recently been connected to has Bluetooth on, the AirPods won’t break an already established connection to pair with the AirFly. So, it’s important to make sure the Bluetooth is turned off on all nearby devices, including on the iPhone you were just connected to. 

Finally, try to pair the devices again but this time, continue to hold the button down on the AirPods. It can take just a moment or two longer for the second AirPod to pair, so continue holding the button for just a couple of seconds after the light on the AirPods case indicates they’re paired.
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