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AirFly Not Transmitting AudioUpdated a year ago

When the AirFly doesn't appear to transmit audio, it is often because the AirPods are already connected to another device. So the first thing I would suggest is that you reset the AirFly Pro. To do this, hold the little Reset button on the top-right for 5-10 seconds (for AirFly Pro, make sure the bottom button on the side is toggled down to TX mode. This wipes everything, starts everything over, and should put AirFly directly into Pairing mode. The AirFly light will be flashing Amber & White
Then, make sure all other devices to which the AirPods have previously been paired are turned off or have their Bluetooth functionality turned off (this includes your iPhone). If the last device you were connected to is turned on, your AirPods will prefer to connect to that device, and it won't break its already established connection to create a new pairing with AirFly.
If that doesn't work, please reset your AirFly Pro again, and reset your AirPods Pro, as well. For Apple’s instructions for resetting your AirPods, please click here.
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