My MacBook has USB ports, so why would I want a PlugBug World?

Last Updated: Apr 06, 2018 02:08PM EDT

Using a PlugBug vs your MacBook USB ports for charging offers more power, frees up your USB ports and offers more convenience. 

More Power. The iPad requires much more power than a standard USB device. Most MacBook USB ports do not charge iPad at full speed - some older MacBooks, not at all. The PlugBug provides the fastest charge possible to your iPad. At home, a slow overnight charge of your iPad from your MacBook might not be a big deal. But between flights, or in-between meetings, charging an iPad as much as you can - as fast as possible - can be a really big deal. In situations like this, PlugBug can be a life-saver.

More Ports. The MacBook Airs have only two USB ports. Connect a hard drive, a Wacom tablet, an Ethernet adapter, a travel mouse... We think the limited USB ports are too precious to waste charging your iPhone. Or here’s our personal pet peeve: Have you ever plugged in your $2000 MacBook Pro - just to use it to charge your iPhone? We've done that (and thought that was kind of silly) so we invented PlugBug.

More Convenience. If you have a MacBook and an iPad - you probably carry two power adapters - one for each. PlugBug combines this into one dual-charging device: that's one less thing to carry and one less charger to forget! And only one free outlet needed in a crowded airport or coffee shop.

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